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girls: A Paean

girls: A Paean - Nic Kelman Kelman has a talent for aphorisms. The excerpts from Homer would have been more effective at conveying the timelessness of the theme if they had been culled to a few choice examples. Kelman's concept is that successful men have opportunistic sex with girls as a kind of restorative sacrament which temporarily salves the wound that inspired the mens' will to power. The drive at issue isn’t that complicated, narrowly focused, or interesting. I think David Milch did a better job of getting to the heart of the matter in Deadwood when Al Swearengen remarked: “But something ya gotta know about specialists – they pay a premium, and they never cause fuckin’ trouble. Sometimes I imagine in my declining years runnin’ a small joint in Manchester, England, catering to specialists exclusive. And to let ‘em know they’re amongst their own, maybe I’ll operate from the corner, hanging upside down like a fuckin’ bat.”