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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - Carol S. Dweck I thought I was getting a book on cognitive psychology for a general audience and wound up with self-help dreck. The title was repellant but glowing references from other books and positive reviews from seemingly smart.. oops... seemingly hard working people induced me to bite. Dweck's theory seems plausible but this book does a lousy job presenting and defending her big idea. If after seven experiments involving hundreds of children you have the clearest findings you've ever seen there is likely a problem with your methodology. Have the findings been replicated? By someone not wedded to the theory? I started this book with an unusually high degree of credulity but Dweck managed to sap it with anecdotes and oversimplification. In trying to maximize its potential audience the book comes across like a dare to be great course on buying property with no money down. People I respect take this book and author seriously but there was so little substance that I leave to go troll Google Scholar guarded and angry at Dweck for not earning $8.99. (I ultimately signed my daughter up at brainology.us which attempts to help children internalize Dweck's growth-centered strategies. So far, she thinks the course is interesting but puerile. Hmmmm.)